How to Live, Love and Laugh like the French

If, like me, you’d be the first to admit a love affair for French living, you probably find yourself dreaming about how you can bring the French lifestyle home! Here’s the French Loaf guide on how to do it:

Start the day off slowly

The French don’t rush. Start the day in town and you’re less likely to see people head-down glued to their tech and more likely to see them immersed in conversation over a coffee and pastries. The French are much better at being in the moment and starting the day, present. Watching the world go by or enjoying the company of friends and family before heading off to work.

As Brits, we’ve come to believe it’s impossible to start the day off slowly. There’s so much to do?! Get the kids up and off to school, get through the rush hour traffic… Follow in the example of the French and try focussing on something enjoyable for just 15 minutes at the start of your day. Maybe it’s a few yoga stretches, a quick journal, a gratitude affirmation or reading a chapter of a good book?


Celebrate love

There’s no shame when it comes to French sensuality and affection. Couples canoodle on the beach. Men enthusiastically kiss each other Hello! Be like the French and celebrate love when you’re with your friends and family. Hug your kids more. Kiss your friends on the cheek when you meet up. Give your partner a passionate kiss, in public!

Really enjoy your food

The French life revolves around food! Forget eating on the go or grabbing a quick snack to ‘keep you going’ – it’s all about stopping and experiencing your food fully and enjoying the company of others as you eat. The French make a point to have three meals a day and see eating as a chance to relax, connect and enjoy life! Not just an essential way to refuel.

I love the sight of French families laughing over breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re not afraid to keep their kids up late and let them join in all the fun either. 


Embrace your body

As a mum, I believe it’s so important to role model a healthy body attitude to our kids, and the French are really good at this. Head to the beaches and you’ll see a mix of body shapes, sizes and colour. The French are generally much better at revelling in their bodies rather than trying to hide away. Harder to do in January I know!

Look your best

The French make a real effort when it comes to their looks, and the most wonderful thing about how they embrace style: they do it for themselves. The French try to look their best to feel their best. It’s a form of self-expression and self-care. Next time you’re feeling a bit ‘bleurgh’ think back to French living and make an effort. Take a shower, grab an outfit that makes you feel amazing, put on your favourite lipstick and feel your mood lift.

A bike we spotted when on the coast of France. Absolutely love it!

A bike we spotted when on the coast of France. Absolutely love it!

Make exercise part of life

You’d think it would take a lot to make exercise poetic, yet the French manage to make even keeping fit look appealing to all! In place of intense gym workouts, the French generally favour making movement part of their everyday life. More walking, more sports, more taking the stairs, more swim, more dance… It all goes back to celebrating life and revelling in their bodies, making the most of all they can do!

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